Still we had a happy enough life together during my first years in New York and all went well until I decided to move in with my boyfriend. He lived in a spacious live-work space with no interior walls on Great Jones Street. Oh, he liked PussPuss well enough, and things were fine until he decided to open up a fine art print shop in the loft. Famous artists and curators were now dropping by to inspect the exquisite etchings and other prints produced in the shop. With no walls separating our living area from the work area, PussPuss often found her way into the shop where she liked to jump on things. Something had to be done. For weeks my boyfriend insisted that a new home had to be found for PussPuss, and I tried, I really tried. A nine-year-old cat, (technically in the “senior” range) who shed hair ferociously and drooled when she purred, proved a tough sell.